Defy - Sara B. Larson The plot: Following the violent deaths of their parents, twins Alexa and Marcel must make a choice. In order to avoid the breeding houses, Alexa hides as Alex as she and her brother join the King's army. Several years pass and Alexa believes her secret is safe, but is it? Hiding her identity becomes increasingly difficult since she is the top fighter in Prince Damian's personal guard. When Alexa, another guard and her best friend, Rylan, as well as the prince are kidnapped by a sorcerer, Alexa learns more about herself, that her secret is not quite so secret, and that those closest to her have some secrets of their own.

The characters: There is potential here for memorable, strong characters; however, I failed to connect with any of them. Alexa has potential but her reactions were not believable in some aspects and I expected more to develop from her. I found the prince a bit one note but believe that Rylan shows great promise down the road. The love triangle felt forced and unnecessary. I would have rather Alexa dealt more with her own identity and history rather than swooning over the prince and questioning if she has feelings for Rylan. It seems to undermine the seriousness of the situation.

Overall: This is a adequate debut with room for improvement as the series develops. Readers who like in fantasy, romance, and the addition of a strong female lead may find this of interest. However, the writing is repetitive and weighs down the actual story. Furthermore, I do not recommend the audiobook. It was less than engaging.