Burn Bright

Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette The plot: 'Burn Bright' picks up where Dark Star ended. Audrey helped save the world with a little help from her superhero mother, Morning Star. All she wants is to find a little bit of normal including some alone time with Leon, her new boyfriend, who is also the Guardian charged with protecting her. But life is never that easy, a new Harrower, Susannah stormed into town with plans to kill all Guardians so that she can discover the identity of the Remnant. Throw in some romantic angst, a BFF in crisis, a startling revelation and let the games begin.

The characters: Audrey and her friends, Gideon and Tink, continue to be well developed, sassy and engaging. There is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scooby gang quality to the interaction and dialogue that will keep readers of any age entertained. As a villain, Susannah is deliciously evil. I do believe readers will find the other adults continuously frustrating; however, this mirrors real life interacts that many teens face.

Overall evaluation: This is a strong follow up to the series debut. One strength is that the novel fits well within the series but can ultimately be read on its own without the reader losing too much information. The blend of romance, super abilities and the paranormal is refreshing. I would pair this series with that of Sanderson's 'Steelheart'.