Road Rash

Road Rash - Mark Huntley Parsons The plot: Seventeen year old Zach is a drummer for The Sock Monkeys until he is unceremoniously ousted. Depressed and on the outs with is best friend, Kyle, it seems as if Zach's summer is going to be a real drag. When he gets the opportunity to audition for a noted local bad, Bad Habit, and embark on a summer tour as their drummer, things begin to look up. Life on the road is a challenge, especially as Zach learns to navigate band life, seedy venues, and his growing, yet confusing feelings for Kyle's younger sister, Kimber. Zach's impulsive decision to bring the band one step closer to stardom has some unintended consequences that will impact not only his future but those around him.

The characters: Often in YA novels written by adults, there is a lack of authenticity of voice. However, the author's fiction debut exceeds expectations. Zach is a genuine character. There is growth of character that any reader will appreciate. The romance is just enough to entangle readers of any gender without appearing overtly mushy.

Overall evaluation: I adored this book. If you've read 'Five Flavors of Dumb' by Antony John then you will love this as well. What I really loved on top of the story and characters was the artful addition of musicality throughout the writing. Mark Huntley Parsons has had a prolific career in the industry and he brings his knowledge into Zach's story in an insightful way that readers will appreciate.