The Hit

The Hit - Melvin Burgess The Plot: Does it have one? The basic gist - the novel is set in a vaguely dystopian society. There are no real details as to the corruption and no real figureheads to unseat. A group called the Zealots want to bring about revolution. There is a new drug on the streets called Death. You take it, live a crazy good life for about a week, then you die. This designer drug is uber expensive, except the Zealots figure out how to make it cheap and slightly alter its composition. So, our main characters, Adam and Lizzie, take Death (either willingly or by force). There are the Zealots, the evil, insane, sadistic drug dealer, Christian, and the idiotic teenagers all running around. I'm guessing the overall point is to convey that by taking the drug and regretting it they appreciate life more and help to bring about revolution at the same time.

The Characters: I loathed each and every one. There is no character development. Adam is unhappy with the responsibilities put on him in comparison to his brother, Jess. He logically concludes that getting Lizzie pregnant (since her family has some money) is a good life choice. Followed by taking Death, making a disturbing Bucket List, and causing mayhem in general, Adam seems to learn very little. He doesn't respect women, or anyone else for that matter. Adam may not be dying, but his future is bleak. Lizzie is not much better, coerced into horrible situations because of Adam. Again, there is a lack of depth to a character who brutally beaten and sexually violated.

Overall Evaluation:
The cover is appealing to teens. However, it is misleading. I like edgy YA fiction and believe that its important to tackle tough issues; however, this novel just misses the mark. It is a poor attempt at a dystopian-esque novel. There are no likeable characters nor any that I would consider positive role models in any way. I had to force myself to finish this book and that was mainly because of reviewing it for ROYAL. I do not recommend it.