Endsinger - Jay Kristoff

No specific spoilers here. It has taken me a few days to try to write a coherent review following my emotional turmoil and profuse sobbing after completing this series.

Endsinger is a truly satisfying conclusion to the Lotus Wars. Kristoff continues to solidify himself as a master storyteller. The sheer creativity of the plot, well developed characters and relationships as well as the profound writing style make this a stunning read. Reading this series is an experience for the senses.

Having read Kristoff's stance on happy endings, I tried to prepare myself for the worst but hoped for the best. I was not disappointed. The losses sustained are meaningful and necessary for the story. That being said, they were still gut-wrenching. Despite the heartache, this remains probably my most memorable read of 2014. I have the strong desire to immediately start the series again just to relive the highs and lows of such a beautiful kinship and poignant portrait of human and beastkind at their best and worst.